Zulema - Maybe I'm Amazed 1972

Nice Northern tempo track, penned by Paul McCartney from her debut 1972 Sussex album titled 'Zulema'. Looking great in her African attire and with nice backing band, she plays the piano too!

This compliments the Save the Children footage of 'This Child Of Mine', that she also performs at the WNET TV Show 'Soul'. She was also part of the duo Zalmac with Al McDowell on the small TSOB (The Sound Of Brooklyn) label in 1982.

Zulema Discography:

Zulema Sussex SXBX 7015 (1972)
Ms. Z Sussex SRA 8029 (1973)
Zulema RCA APL 1-0819 (1974)
RSVP RCA APL 1-1152 (1975)
Suddenly There Was You RCA APL1- 1423 (1976)
Z-Licious LeJoint LEJ 17000 (1978)
Best Of (RCA Years) Ichiban CD (1996)

Save The Children Motown (1972)
Honey Baby, Honey Baby RCA (1975)

This Child Of Mine/Don't Be Afraid Sussex 242 (1972)
Telling The World Goodbye/Tree Sussex 504 (1973)
Wanna Be Where You Are/No Time Next Time RCA PB 10116 (1974)

Hail, Hail, Hail America/Standing In The Back Row of Your Heart RCA 10246 ('76)
Just Look What You've Done/(long version) RCA 10406 (1976)
Half Of Your Heart/What Kind Of Person Are You RCA 10541 (1976)
I Love You Baby/Pity For The Children RCA 10704 (1976)

Hungry For Love/Suddenly There Was You RCA 10815 (1976)
Change/Hanging To A Memory LeJoint 5N 34001 (also on 12") (1978)
I'm Not Dreaming/You Got Somthing For Me LeJoint 5N 34002 (also on 12")('78)
A Mother Cries/Inst. TSOB TS-303 (1981)

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